School Council consist of eminent personalities from different fields which is essential for overall development of the school. The management provides an immense support & backing with new ideas and better outlook. Located in the heart of Beed city, the school boasts of an impressive building. The building comprises of the basic amenities along with a spacious playground & classroom. We have a classes from Nursery to Std VIII.


We are personally committed to do our best for each child and we endeavor to create a caring environment, within which each child is regarded as an individual and valued for their own unique qualities. Each child is happy, relaxed and confident in their relationship with people, ideas and materials. Each child is encouraged and helped to achieve to the best of their ability in all aspects learning experiences. We strive to keep parents informed about their child’s progress, attainments and achievements. Students are encouraged to participate in different extra-curricular activities like dance, music, drawing etc. Students are encouraged to participate I various interschool competitions. The students of Bhagwan English School will appear for all competitive examinations like Abacus, N.T.S.E (National Talent Search Examinations) M.T.S.E (Maharashtra Talent Search Examinations) etc.


1. We expect our child to be well disciplined, hardworking, enthusiastic, innovative and motivated.
2. We expect them to abide by the rules and regulations of the school.
3. They need to take care of the school surrounding and to be sensitive towards others need.


1. Parents take an active part in the teaching learning process.
2. They are quite comfortable discussing their problems and doubts with the school.
3. Their constructive suggestions are welcome here.



  Parents are requested to see that their ward/wards to be present to school regularly and their attendance percentage must be above 90%.
  No child shall leave the school premises during school hours without the prior permission of the principal/teacher incharge.
  No parents are permitted to enter the classroom. Parents and guardians are not allowed to see their children or meet teachers during school hours without a prior appointment. This may be done through the principal.
  No valuable articles should be brought to school by the students. Money should neither be lent nor borrowed, nor articles exchanged.
  Students suffering from any infectious disease must complete the guarantee period before rejoining school. This should be indicated on the medical certificate dully signed by medical practitioner.
  If the student suffering from any contagious disease such as Measles, Chickenpox, Influenza etc. in no any case, he/she will be allowed to enter the school premises as a precautionary measures. During examination special arrangement will made for such students by the principal on a special request with a doctor’s certificate and written application.
  Pupils are answerable to the school authorize for their conduct both in school and outside. They ought to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the dignity of the children and school.
  Parents are requested to see that their ward/ wards should come to school in a proper clean school uniform.
  Parents are requested order a proper sized uniform and school will object for any change in pattern of the uniform and change in quality and colour.